Tribal Urban Casinos, San Bernardino, California

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I live in the city of San Bernardino and we have the San Manuel Casino operations (1 old, existing casino and 1 new, under construction casino) wholly enclosed on 3 1/2 sides by residential homes and only 500 ft. from our elementary school. This is the FIRST and ONLY urban casino in California. The Casinos are totally located within our city limits, in 100% residential zoning.

The San Manuel Casinos were and are the first urban casinos and are devastating the neighborhood. Our school children are not safe to walk to school. We pick up drug needles in our yards and in the gutters along the school routes. I hose down and scrub my side-yard shrubbery/walk every week because of urine and poop from casino customers. The prostitutes change clothes while hiding in my bushes and leave their daypacks stashed in my oleanders.

!!!!!! I beg you – please include a story of our neighborhood’s deplorable situation. The new San Manuel Casino (10 acres under one roof – 465,000 sq ft), parking lots, administration offices, and employee parking are ALL on lands purchased by the Tribe and are not legally usable for gaming or any related gaming facility — per their State Compact and the Federal Gaming Act of 1988!!!!!!

Our San Bernardino City mayor and the California Governors (Davis and Schwarzenegger) have chosen to look the other way while this tribe breaks the law in favor of possible, future financial payments to the governments/campaigns. I do not believe that this is the kind of leadership that Americans want.

Please do a “San Bernardino/San Manuel” article and SHOCK Californians with what is going on with Indian gaming, politics, and a struggling neighborhood!!!

Rheba Hewitt
2805 E. Mirada Rd.
Highland, Ca. 92346