The Declaration Of Independence
The Constitution of the Untied States
Some Pertinent Provisions
The Federalist Papers
The Commerce Clause – The Source of Federal Plenary Power? by Robert G. Natelson
The Agenda of the Tribal Establishment by Darrel Smith
One People. One Law. by Lana Marcussen
Where’s the Government’s Authority for Federal Indian Policy? by Darrel Smith
Where’s the Government’s Authority? . . . Revisited by Darrel Smith
Why Indians are Second Class Citizens by Darrel Smith
Are Federal Land Acquisition Procedures Constitutional? by Jim Tenny
Accountability and Its Effect on Indian Law by Lana Marcussen
How Tyranny Came to America by Joseph Sobran
Handbook of Federal Indian Law by Felix S. Cohen*

*Cohen was biased in favor of inherent tribal sovereignty and his bias affects his handbook. For our view of sovereignty see the Sovereignty page.