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Calling itself the “Voice of the People” the Native American Press/Ojibwe News is the only independent, self-supporting, non-governmental Indian weekly newspaper in the United States. Its mission is to provide information to Indian and non-Indian communities, promote accountability in tribal governments and civil rights on reservations, be a forum for Indian people to express their views on issues affecting them, and promote a better way of life for Indian communities.

The publisher, William J. Lawrence J. D., has thirty-two years of experience working in Indian affairs, including as an Agency Superintendent for the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs, Executive Director of a tribe and director of adult Indian education for the Minnesota Department of Education.

The newspaper provides “hard news” coverage about Indian Affairs and was nominated in 1997 for a Pulitzer prize in Journalism for investigative reporting and service to the community. This newspaper provides information that is difficult to find anywhere else.


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