Your contribution is needed to:

  • Educate local, state and federal officials about negative impacts of federal Indian policy
  • Reach out to local, state and national media to bring attention to these issues
  • Broaden our coalition through direct mailing of our CERA Journal
  • File suit or amicus briefs in federal court cases where federal Indian policy intrudes upon the civil rights of tribal members and non-Indians.
  • Provide strategic planning, community organizing and leadership services to newly formed or existing groups organized to oppose federal Indian policy impacts on their community.


A donation to CERF, which is non-profit foundation (501(c)(3)), is tax deductible. CERF is focused on education and legal actions that will promote fairness and equality in federal Indian policy.


CERA is a 501(c)(4) non-profit and is focused on public education through our newsletter and makes a concerted effort to educate public officials and influence legislation on these issues at all levels of government. Our dues are annual.

Membership Perks

As a CERA member you will receive our highly regarded publication, the CERA Journal and a member’s newsletter. CERA gratefully accepts amounts above the annual dues as donations. Dues and contributions to CERA are not tax deductible.

A one year CERA Journal and membership is only $35.00
or Donate to CERF in any amount

By Mail

Please make checks payable to CERF or CERA and mail your contribution (or monthly pledge) along with your name, mailing address, phone number and e-mail address to:

P.O. 0379
Gresham, WI 54128-0379

Please designate the payee as either CERA or CERF

If you are contributing on behalf of an organization, business or other group, please include that entity’s name with your contribution.

Finally, please let us know if we can include your name and, if applicable, the name of your group in our public list of supporters.

Thank you for your support!