John Fleming's Hornbook

By John Fleming

Fleming’s Hornbook is a collection of his research papers . Do we have Indians in this country now? No, we have no Indians, we have no Indians today. It is like the grand old tune of yesteryear, yes, we have no bananas, we have no bananas today. The Indian Citizenship Act of 1924 made all Indians not yet citizens of our nation, citizens of he U.S. and of the state where they lived. Thus the American Indians became American citizens of American Indian descent, just like all other American citizen from other countries.

Do we have sovereign Indian tribes in our country now? No. Our founding documents make it clear that tribes have (had) no political power and the Congress was never authorized by the Constitution, to give sovereignty in any manner to any organization. Our Constitution protects people, not organizations.

What caused the turmoil, unwarranted hostility and extreme aggression of Indian tribes in recent decades? Clearly the legislative and executive braches of the Federal government designed, created, and continued to support specific disabling legislation in the early 1930’s, that over the decades have and are producing UNCONSTITUTIONAL END RESULTS. The specific legislation was the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act and its progeny.

The pages of this hornbook will guide you through our history, civics, founding documents, lay out this dilemma and suggest ways to combat that which is unconstitutional.

John Fleming, a long-time constitutional researcher has published a “Hornbook” on federal Indian policy and the U.S. Constitution, clearly illustrating that federal Indian policy is entirely unconstitutional.


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