Indian Reservations: America's Model of Destruction

A Brief Expose’ of America’s Disastrous Indian Policies
by Darrel Smith

This thirty page booklet was written to explain federal Indian policy and the reservation system to educated Americans who aren’t familiar with them. While brief it still provides a clear, concise summary of the history and legal status of reservations. It explains why federal Indian policy has devastated reservation areas. The booklet discusses some of the violations of constitutional and civil rights inherent in the reservation system and provides recommended solutions. The author is a third generation rancher and reservation resident. An Indian attorney and publisher of the Native American Press/Ojibwe News says, “[Darrel’s] booklet adds tremendously to the national discussion of these issues and is very worthwhile reading.”

Author’s Biography

Darrel Smith ranches near Mobridge, South Dakota on the Standing Rock and Cheyenne River Indian Reservations. He’s a third generation reservation resident and one of over three hundred and seventy thousand non-Indians living on Indian reservations in this country. His grandparents moved to the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation in the mid 1920’s. Both grandparents were farming when his parents met and were married in the early thirties. His parents bought the present ranch in 1946, shortly after Darrel was born. During his life on the reservation, Darrel has seen and personally experienced the problems and devastation caused by our current reservation system.

Darrel has testified before the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs in Washington, DC. He has also testified numerous times before state Senate and House Committees and a State/Tribal Study Committee in South Dakota. He has been involved with an Indian/White reconciliation process conducted by the Rural Ethnic Institute. Darrel has drawn from his own personal experiences, as well as the personal experiences and expertise of many Indian people, activists, historians, attorneys and jurists, while writing this booklet.


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