Hating Whitey and Other Progressive Causes

By David Horowitz

Reviewed by Darrel Smith
David Horowitz, a leader of the New Left in the 1960s, and former confidante of the Black Panthers, says, “As those familiar with my autobiography, Radical Son, know, I once occupied the other side of the political divide. My views on race, however, have remained entirely consistent with my previous commitments and beliefs. I opposed racial preferences in the 1960s, and I oppose them now. Then, I believed that only government neutrality towards racial groups was compatible with the survival of a multi-ethnic society that is also democratic. I still believe that today.

“What has changed is my appreciation for America’s constitutional framework and the commitment of the American people to those ideals. America’s unique political culture was indeed created by white European males, primarily English and Christian. It should be obvious to anyone with even a modest historical understanding that these antecedents are not incidental to the fact that America and England are the nations that led the world in abolishing slavery and establishing the principles of ethnic and racial inclusion–or that we are a nation besieged by peoples of “color” trying to immigrate to our shores to take advantage of the unparalleled opportunities and rights our society offers them.” p. 10.

Horowitz talks about the color blind, equal rights that were promoted by Martin Luther King Jr. and how it has been preempted by the anti-white racism of Elijah Muhammad and says, “This moral abdication of black civil rights leaders is integrally related to, if not fully explained by, their close association with the radical left whose anti-white hatred is a by-product of its anti-Americanism. . . . As a result of this alliance, ideological hatred of whites is now an expanding industry not only in the African-American community, but among white ‘liberals’ in elite educational institutions as well.” p. 6 & 7. He continues, “With university support, Race Traitor intellectuals in the field of Whiteness Studies have produced an entire library of ‘scholarship’ whose sole purpose is to incite hatred against white America, against ‘Euro-American’ culture, and against American institutions in general.” p. 9. He says, “Their goal remains the destruction of America’s national identity and, in particular, of the moral, political, and economic institutions that form its social foundation.” p. 11.

Horowitz’ main theme is our country’s double standard when it comes to the toleration of hatred. While Horowitz and his book focus on Black Americans, his observations and conclusions apply just as well to radical elite elements of the Indian industry. You don’t have to spend very long listening to radical Indian apartheid activists or reading their material to recognize the virulent anti-white and anti-American hatred that seems to consume them.

The victimization they preach is a public relations and political ploy that they selfishly use to increase their own power and resources. It has worked beyond their wildest expectations. In the process they communicate to Indian Americans that they are both abused and powerless and therefore not responsible for their own decisions and actions.

Unfortunately, when individuals allow themselves to hate, they surrender significant power over their thoughts and actions to two groups of people. The people who incite and encourage them to hate are the first group who can manipulate these emotional individuals. The second group that influences these individuals, are the people they hate. They are no longer independent, but their negative emotional focus causes their thoughts and actions to be distorted by the very people they hate.

This victimization, hate process destroys the very essence of the human spirit.  Many who understand this debasing manipulation have chosen to no longer consider themselves victims.

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