2015 Regional Educational Conference

CERA’s regional conference held on September 26 at the Red Lion Hotel in Kalispell, Montana, is an “instant training center” for elected officials, law enforcement, community leaders and citizens concerned about federal Indian policy conflicts. The CERA Conference is an excellent opportunity to exchange experience, success, and effective strategies to carry back to your local communities and states.¬† View Registration Form.


  • Western¬† State River Watershed Policies
  • Flawed Fundamentals of Federal Indian Policy
  • CSKT Water Compact
  • Federalism, U.S. Supreme Court and other recent rulings
  • EPA Treatment Similar to States
  • Fee-to-Trust Land (Litigation and Regulations)
  • Spreading Tribalism Across USA
  • Rogue Federal Agencies: EPA, BIA, USFW, BLM, DOI and Others

Featured Speakers:

  • Lana Marcussen, AZ, Legal Expert on Water/Federal Indian Policy
  • Lawrence J. Kogan, NY, Kogan Law Group
  • Richard Heidel, WI, Village President Village of Hobart
  • Elaine Willman, MT, author of Going to Pieces
  • Doug Thompson, WY, Fremont County Commission Chairman
  • Debbie Bacigalupi, CA, Siskiyou County
  • Frank Kowalkowski, WI, Indian Law Attorney
  • Butch Cranford, CA, Fee-to-Trust Researcher


“Federal Executive Branch Overreaching…Air, Land, Water & Property Rights”

June 13 (Elected Officials)
June 14-15 (Public)


“Tribal Issues Conference – Crash Course in Federal Indian Policy!”
April 6


Federal Tribal Audit Spreadsheet – by Fred Bachman
Indian Child Welfare Act – by Scott Seaborne
How a Bill Becomes Law – by Scott Seaborne
Tribes Under Federal Supervision – (Caceri v Salazar)


Professor John Kindt’s “International Gambling Report Series”
NIGC presentation – by Butch Cranford
How to Oppose a Gaming Fee-to-Trust Application – by Butch Cranford