America’s 30 Years War: Who Is Winning?

By Balint Vazsonyi

Hungarian born Balint Vazsonyi experienced both National Socialism and Communism in his native Hungary before fleeing to this country after the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. He explains the source, nature and implications of the clashing political struggles in our country in a simple, readable manner. Vazsonyi traces the roots of the American experiment to a yearning for individual freedom and legal equality that had its roots in England, in contrast to a vision of a utopian society that developed in France and Germany. He explains why the rule of law is being replaced with concepts of social justice, why individual rights are being replaced by government-mandated group rights, and why private property rights are giving way to regulation and redistribution schemes. He discusses why these changes are occurring and why it has become “necessary” to trash our American history as well as our accomplishments. He provides a warning about what these changes may mean to our future.

This basic, thought-provoking book is worth reading and recommending to others.


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