American Indian Law

By William C. Canby Jr.

American Indian Law is an excellent legal reference book for the student of Indian Law or the lawyer. The book is generally written in plain English that can be easily understood by readers without a law degree. The author is succinct and focuses on only the essential points of of Indian Law. Each chapter deals with specific area of Indian Law so the reader can easily locate areas of personal interest.

Within each chapter, extensive references are given to associated US Supreme Court cases, federal district court cases and federal legislative acts so that the reader can locate these sources for further study.

The follow areas are covered:

1. Introduction to American Indian Law
2. Historical Overview of Federal Indian Policy
3. The Special Relationship Between the Federal Government and the Tribes
4. Indian Tribal Governments
5. Indian Tribal Sovereignty
6. Indian Treaties
7. Criminal and Civil Jurisdiction in Indian Country
8. Public Law 280: A Federal Grant of Jurisdiction to the States
9. Taxation and Regulation in Indian Country
10. Indian Gaming
11. Individual Rights and Indian Law
12. Indian Lands
13. Alaska Natives
14. Indian Water Rights
15 Indian Hunting and Fishing Rights

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